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Blur Bidding
Farm Blur points faster than ever with 120 threads and automated bid acceptance protection
MEV Academy
Pearn more about the new era of botting and the perks that come along with MEV
Custom Modules
Custom modules cretaed from user requests. Vote on modules to never miss an opportunity
Level up your NFT trading
With our feature-rich Web 3 automation suite including all the tools needed to be a successful trader
Mint Bot
Easily mint from anywhere using our custom module dashboard and quick task integrations
Sniper Bot
Set up custom filters for autosniping specific tokens, rarities and traits from Blur, Opensea, Looksrare, and X2Y2
Bid Bot
Farm Blur points hands off. Outbid on Opensea at 6000 bids/hr. Designed for elite market makers
Liquidator Bot
Making complete automatic possible. Dynamically list tokens after winning snipes, bids or mints
Wallet Manager
Manage hundreds of wallets with ease. Includes mass listings, rarity profiles, top tool integrations and basic analytics
Katana Minter
[Pro Plan]
The best contract minting experience. Industry leading gas efficiency with intuitive proxy management
MEV Bundler
[Pro Plan]
Unlocking MEV for NFT traders. Compete with elite botters without risking gas
MEV Crowdsource
[Pro Plan]
Democratizing MEV technology for the masses. Increase block dominance for all Sensei users
Mint Bot
Access the most customizable mint bot on the market, tuned for new and power users. Dynamic gas, mempool monitoring with frontrunning, and multiple trigger options right at your fingertips
IntegrationsEasily quick task straight from etherscan, catchmint and discord
Drops DashboardUsers cans request sig-locked and bot-protected mints easily and setup with a click of a button. With custom modules including token claims like $ARB, hyped signature mints and custom raffles, you will never miss an opportunity again
Custom SetupSet up your own mint task with flipstate monitoring, revert check, time triggers, custom read calls and more
Our Members
Consistently winning
Pricing of
Our plans
All plans require at least one Sensei pass^
0.1 ETH / Month
0.5 ETH / Month
Browser Based
Bot from browser
Tablet and mobile compatibility
Auto-update on brwoser refresh
Custom Sensei Chrome Extension
Compound rarity sources
Compound flip state monitors
Integrated PNL calculator
Priority developer support
God Mint Bot
7 execution parameters
Discord hooks
Quick task integrations
Easy-share mint setups
Back-run auto-gas speedup
Intelligent gas speedup
Fair.xyz and Manifold 24/7 Module
EVM blockchain support
Custom Modules
Sig-mint module dashboard
Precision gas targeting
Frontrunner/Mempool viewer
Katana Minter
#1 gas-efficient contract minter
Upgradable worker proxies
Sensei MEV
Sensei Whitehat services
Sensei MEV Crowdsource
Bundle mint transactions
Bundle flip state transactions
Bundle deal snipes
Deal Sniper
Snipe on OS, X2Y2 and LR
Compound filters
Price protection mode
Deal-snipe on Blur.io
Dynamic price and gas settings
Bid Bot
Bid up to 7000 bids/hr/task
Collection & CTO bidding
Traits, Rarity & ID Bidding
Instant counter bidding
Blur bidding w/ under-bidding
Liquidator Bot
Dynamic hands off auto-listing
Instant list after receiving tokens
Volume/price based auto-listing
Instant list after conditions met
Wallet Manager
Trait floor and rarity analytics
Manage unlimited wallets
Create, import, export wallets
Wallet grouping and presets
Blur Pool and Point integration
Blur Listing support
Price/Time ladder lister
^ Unless as part of a Partner Community deal with Sensei
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